Exploring Tibetan Sound Therapy

The genius inventor Nikolas Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” This is a perfect summation of the principles of Tibetan Sound Therapy, which uses bells in the shape of bowls to produce a rich and vibrant tone using a wooden mallet to help induce a deep meditative and relaxing state. Think of it as similar to Mantra Meditation that requires the mental or physical repetition of a word to form a specific physiologic state, vibration and response.

The difference here is that the rhythmic vibrations are coming from an exterior instrument that can be significantly more powerful than your own voice. Further, more than one bell can be used during a therapy session. The tones from the bells are produced by sound waves or vibrations that run through the participants producing a calming and de-stressing state. In turn the constant vibrations allow the participants to focus their meditation on that exterior sense blocking everything else out. The exterior force allows the meditation to be a deeper and fuller experience. The participant is able to connect with themselves by turning of the exterior word and focusing on the centering vibrations as they run through every inch of the physical body and into your mental space.

Where Does Tibetan Sound Therapy Come From?

Tibetan Sound Therapy is a type of meditation that originated in Tibet over two thousand years ago. There are many forms in eastern tradition but the classical version is still the Tibetan Sound Therapy (or sound bathing). It has since evolved through incorporation into western new age and traditional health care and self care practices. There has recently been a resurgence in interest in the sound therapy as a way to incorporate a proven meditation technique into their self-care routine.

Because there is no religious aspect to many of the forms of the sound therapy it is easy to approach and practice regardless of the participants background. Sound therapy has been widely adopted in western culture because it tends to be a less rigid form of meditation that allows the user to experience it as he or she wishes without the need for any dogma or strict adherence to form.

How Is It Done?

The basic principal rests in the use of the bell. These Himalayan singing bowls, often seen as a carved bronze or bronze colored bowls are the focal point of the sounds. As a small and often thick wooden dowel is traced over the lip of the bowl a constant and vibrant noise wicks off the surface and floods the room. The dowel can also be used to trace the outside of the bowl or lightly tap the edges. All varieties of touch have their own unique benefits and vibrations. The tone created is usually keyed to a musical key. This key relates to a specific chakra or energy meridian. So, if you are looking to feel more grounded or stable you may want to use a bowl in the key of C or use the bowl designated for you root chakra. If you are looking on being more open and connected with your surroundings you would want a bowl with the key of F or use the bowl designated for your third eye chakra. In my Tibetan Sound Therapy Practice practice I use 7 bowls to work and help balance all the main 7 chakras of the body.

When you are preparing for your first sound bath or sound therapy session you should make sure to come well hydrated, wear comfortable clothes and be ready to lay down. Sound vibrations travel through the body easier through water. Your body can transmit the frequency via water quickly and easily when hydrated. Have you ever heard a noise underwater? It is significantly louder and clearer under water than in air.

When you are in your sound bath session you should not feel restricted in any way to act in a certain way. The purposeful intent of the experience is to ride the waves of vibrations further into yourself and to relax and take in the vibrations as you perceive your full self. Be self-aware but not critical. Notice your thoughts but don’t direct them.

Allow your body and mind to direct your path through the therapy. The more you try to control your experience the harder it will be to find stability. Like your chakra or meridians you should not do anything to stop the flow of energy from the bowl to your soul. The vibrations allows the energy in your body to move more freely and help to reduce any blockages in your body. 3 sessions within 10 days are recommended for better results. But one session is also a good experience

What Are The Benefits?

Tibetan sound therapy has been studied and explored for its cognitive effects. It has been shown to decrease blood pressure and heart rate at a higher success rate than traditional medicine. Further, it has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, and enhance mood states. Besides the physiological benefits from the sound therapy, Tibetan Sound Therapy is a form of meditation that can be continually practice for the benefit of improving your connection with yourself and healing your whole individual being from the stresses of the daily routine. Where family, friends, and work pull you apart, the use of a Tibetan singing bowl can bring your whole self back into sync. This is an incredible rejuvenating and empowering experience.

Is Tibetan Sound Therapy For Me?

Tibetan Sound Therapy is an easily accessible form of meditation for any individual looking for either something different or looking to incorporate meditation into their self-care routine. Without the required structural component of many more ritual forms of meditation, Tibetan Sound Therapy can be understood and positively experience by any proficiency level with great success. It is like a massage for your soul with little and no effort.




I help Moms discover true emotional balance and free themselves from guilt, stress and the demands of our current society. So they can live the life they want.

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Carolina Haycock

Carolina Haycock

I help Moms discover true emotional balance and free themselves from guilt, stress and the demands of our current society. So they can live the life they want.

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